City approves new mower purchase

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, April 8, at Sabetha City Hall. Present for the meeting were Mayor Cody Bletscher, Commissioners Jason Enneking, Nick Aberle, Maridel Wittmer and Trevin Edelman, City Administrator Doug Allen, Assistant City Administrator Bill Shroyer, and City Clerk Steve Compo. Scott Shreve, representing Priority Power, was also present for the meeting. Bletscher called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Power usage

Scott Shreve from Priority Power addressed the commission for an update on the city electrical side of the city business. The City of Sabetha is a member of the Southwind Energy Group, a group of seven cities that purchase and sell electricity to meet the electrical demand needed. Participating cities include Arcadia, Axtell, Centralia, Chanute, Fredonia, Iola and Sabetha.

“I came up tonight to basically address the new members of the commission and kind of give you an overview of the power and electrical side of the business,” Shreve said.

Shreve explained the last year’s usage and past history of the city’s usage in light of today’s energy market.

Mower Purchase

Assistant City Administrator Shroyer presented to the commission three options for a new riding mower for the Parks and Recreation Department.

“We are looking at the John Deere Wide Area Mower with a 10 and a half foot cut width,” Shroyer said.

The selling price for the mower is $69,000 but the city will receive $5,000 for the two existing mowers being used on a trade-in at the end of the summer to bring the cost of the new mower to $64,000. The other two options that were looked at were a Toro Groundmaster 5900 with a 16-foot cut for $136,000 and a Toro Groundmaster with an 11-foot cut for $91,000.

“Our two current mowers are worn out and we are hoping we can limp along through the summer until we can purchase the John Deere when it is available later this summer or early this fall,” Shroyer said.

The commissioners agreed to accept the bid from Heritage Tractor in Seneca for the John Deere mower.

Sewer Project

Shroyer presented an update to the commission on the current sewer project. He explained that the Kellenberger station will soon be operating when the floats arrive and that the city is still dealing with the railroad on the Fourth Street crossing.

“We have now been negotiating with the railroad for over a year now,” Shroyer said. “Once we can get something worked out, we can hook up the ends at Fourth Street and we will have both stations operating.”

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the minutes from the March 25 meeting.

The commissioners will meet again for their next regular meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, April 23, at Sabetha City Hall.


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