Letter to the Editor: Time to spiff up the neighborhood

Dear Editor,

It’s spring! After a long winter, it’s time to get outside and get those yards, decks, driveways, and houses cleaned up and looking good. Home cleanup projects like what I’m talking about often generate large quantities of refuse that need to be disposed of. Folks who live in Sabetha can get rid of that refuse on April 24 during the annual Sabetha City Wide Cleanup. Volunteers will be scouring the whole city picking up items that need to be disposed of at no cost. What a marvelous way to help residents get their yards and homes looking good and spiffing up the entire city! Sabetha is a great little community with people who genuinely want to help each other out like this. Another avenue that is available to help beautify and improve the city is Neighbor 2 Neighbor. The aim of this organization is to improve the living conditions of individuals in the community by helping homeowners to improve their homes both inside and out. It focuses on helping those that lack the ability, either financially, physically, or otherwise, to implement necessary repairs so that their homes are warm, safe, secure, and well-kept. Neighbor 2 Neighbor has worked with many residents for over 7 years to do just that. Some examples of projects include yard cleanup, painting, replacing broken windows and doors, repairing porches, demo-ing old buildings and so on. Currently Neighbor 2 Neighbor is looking for good projects like these in Sabetha. If you or someone you know needs help with home and yard maintenance or repairs, you can call 785-285-8115 to get information or stop by City Hall for an application. Neighbor 2 Neighbor is always looking for volunteers as well, so if this is something you’d like to get involved with, call the 285-8115 number to find out more. It’s time to take the appearance of our homes, yards, and neighborhoods seriously. Let’s all get involved by working to take care of our own homes and properties as well as helping our neighbors who might need a little help in that area. After all, the appearance of our neighborhoods and town is a reflection on us all!

Marlene Bosworth



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