Protecting new vegetable transplants from the wind

New transplants, even those hardened off in a cold frame, may need protection from strong winds when set out. Wooden shingles placed to block the wind used to be the standard recommendation but are now difficult to find. Try a plastic milk jug or a 2-liter soda bottle with both the bottom and top cut off. Push the jug or bottle into the soil far enough so it won’t blow away. In windy conditions, it may need to be stabilized with a wooden dowel or metal rod.

Rabbits in the Garden

Rabbits in gardens are a perennial problem because of the wide variety of plants they can feed on. This time of year, they gravitate to young vegetables and flowers. But there are some vegetables that are rarely bothered including potatoes, tomatoes, corn, squash, cucumbers and some peppers. The question is how do you protect other, more susceptible plants?

Fencing provides a quick and effective control method. The fence does not need to be tall. Two feet is sufficient for cottontails, but the mesh must be sufficiently fine (one inch or less), so young rabbits will not be able to go through it. Support for the fence can be supplied by a number of products, but electric fence posts work well.

Often, fencing is not an acceptable choice because it affects the attractiveness of the garden. Other ways to control rabbits include repellents and trapping. Repellents are often suggested for control, but often do not last long and require frequent reapplication. Also, many are poisonous and cannot be used on plants or plant parts destined for human consumption.

Live traps can be used to collect and move the rabbits to a rural area several miles from where they were trapped. A number of baits can be used to entice the rabbit to enter the trap including a tightly rolled cabbage leaf held together with a toothpick. However, rabbits often avoid baits if other attractive food is available.

Another possibility is to use a motion-activated sprinkler. These are attached to a garden hose and release a short burst of water when motion is detected. Contech and Havahart are suppliers and both are advertised as protecting up to 1,000 square feet.

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Matt Young is the Brown County Extension District director, as well as an agent in the area of agriculture and natural resources.


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