Letter to the Editor: Bills vetoed by the governor

Dear Editor,

The Kansas Legislator is in its final session to override the reckless and partisan vetos she has placed our fellow Kansans. Several bills are scheduled to be voted on this week in an attempt to override the governor’s veto. At the forefront of the list is the tax relief Bill HB2036 which was passed and overrode the Governor’s veto by the House with a vote of 104 to 15 last week. It is now up to the Senate to override her veto with a 2/3 majority vote. The Tax Relief Bill will provide for all Kansans by eliminating state income tax for low income filers, eliminating state income tax on Social Security which would help over 92,000 Kansans. Provide standard deduction increases each year, provide personal income tax exemption increase to $2,300 per person. Those provisions follow the increase in inflation offsets. Veterans with 100 percent disability a personal exemption to $4,600. Eliminate Income tax on income up to $6,150 per person and levels the brackets to 5.25 percent for taxable income. And allows for property tax relief which will decrease state taxes on homeowners and moving state sales tax exemption on food 2024 instead of January 1, 2025. There is over three billion in state coffers. Kansas citizens need tax relief to support their families and not provide a nest egg for the governor and her New York donors. This tax plan vetoed by Governor Kelly is nothing but a partisan attempt to continue to overtax Kansans through the sharp increase of the Biden inflation that has plagued our state and country since his residence in the White House. Other bills vetoed by the governor would have allowed better information to inform those seeking abortions, notification to parents and medication that would reverse a medical abortion. Also, vetoed was HB2313 which would have given lifesaving health care to any child born alive through an abortion procedure. Also vetoed was an Adoption tax credit and saving fund for adoption and crisis pregnancy providers that help and inform women on adoptions and resources to Kansas women and their families. The governor and her party allies are committed to continuing the abortion issue front and center in our upcoming election year which is at the top priority for Democrats across the country. Representative Randy Garber at 785-296-7665 or randy.garber@house.ks.gov. Senator Dennis Pyle at 785-296-7379 or dennis.pyle@senate.ks.gov.

Ray Shinn, Nemaha County Republican Chairman



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