Celebrating our local teachers this week

“Everyone who remembers his own educational experience remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. the teacher is the kingpin of the educational situation.” – Sidney Hook

Sabetha students — past and present — show their appreciation for their teachers.

“Mrs. Summers was my first-grade teacher many years ago but made an impact on how much I loved elementary school back then.  Always a welcoming smile on her face. She truly loved her students back then and even now as she volunteers at our schools. She will always be one of my favorite teachers.” — Victoria Edelman

“Mr. Sauer taught me everything I know about typing, computers, business machines, etc. I told him once I would never use this stuff and didn’t need to learn any of it. He laughed at me. So far 38 years later, I daily use everything he taught me.  He sang my name every day in class and still does to this day when he sees me.” — Victoria Edelman

“Shari Frey, although I may not speak many words, I always know how to show the love I have for you. You are one of the most kind, patient and loving teachers I have ever had. You have gone out of your way to teach me in a way no one has before and for that, I will always be grateful. You have made a huge impact on my life and I hope you know that you are very special to many people. Thank you for everything.” —  Violet Bradbury (This is Alexandria Bradbury and my daughter has non verbal autism, so I am writing this on her behalf.)

“Miss Hann, thank you for being my teacher. I appreciate you so so sooo much! Thank you for learning me math, I love it! It’s so so fun! I really like it when you do challenges with our whiteboards. I’m gunna miss you next year. I will always wave hi! Thank you for being my teacher, I really like it and I’m really really going to miss you.” — Scarlet Bradbury

“Mrs. Schremmer was calm and easy to talk to and did things that were fun. I liked it when she had Pi Day before spring break.” — Audrey Moore

“Miss Burger was my favorite teacher. She got really sick her first year at Sabetha. When she came back, she always did things to make us smile even when it was hard.” — Ella Moore

“I love Mrs. Stallbaumer because when I get stuck on something she helps me. I also love her because we do a lot of fun things like…We had an ice cream party. Also, we are having a countdown for ten days. That’s why I think Mrs. Stallbaumer is the best teacher ever! I love you Mrs. Stallbaumer!” — Lily Mann

“I would like to show my appreciation for Mr. Josh Wertenberger or ‘Wert.’ Being a man of strong character, Wert has been a great teacher, coach, and friend to all who walk in the halls of Sabetha High School. His interest in the wellbeing of his students and his great sense of humor are greatly appreciated!” — Kalvin Evans


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