Morrill City Council 4.1.2024

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on April 1 with members Duane Perry, Griffen Huning, Chad Youde and Gage Becker present. Mayor Ken Beckner presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was also present. Visitors present were Tiffany and Andrew Baumgartner, Charlie Gruber, and Randy Lawson.

Minutes were approved with all in favor.

Vouchers were approved with all in favor.

Baumgartner stated they would like to sell the property on North Walnut Street and asked if the city would be interested in purchasing it. This matter was tabled. Baumgartner then asked if an individual could park and stay in his trailer court for a few months. Council stated it would be okay due to all utilities are being paid for.

Gruber stated he had investigated a complaint of burning after hours. The individual had told him they were burning sticks in a fire pit. Wymer stated he would talk to the individual about the burning hours.

Concerning the outstanding checks written to Evergy, it was decided to talk with the city’s accountant about possibly setting up a different account to set an ACH to pay the electric bill due to Evergy losing checks regularly and possibly charging a reissue fee for the lost checks. The council agreed to cancel checks 11799, 11837 and 12145, and reissue them.

Brett Waggoner from Governmental Assistances Services called to discuss the findings of the LMI survey that was recently conducted stating the city does qualify for a CDBG grant application. The deadline for the application has been moved to Sept. 30. The next step will be for the city to hire an engineer. The contract for services with GAS and the agreement with PEC were signed hiring Alex Darby as the engineer. The public hearing will possibly be held in August. The council thanked Waggoner and the phone call was ended.

After discussion of the sewer bill received from the City of Sabetha, the council agreed the customer would be responsible for 2/3 of the bill making what she owes to be $486.

The clerk presented the city’s insurance renewal proposal. After reviewing it, the council accepted it.

Wymer stated an individual will be constructing a building that will require higher gas pressure. Council stated the individual should contact the gas company to see if there would be enough pressure for what he needs.

More discussion of the land Baumgartner offered to sell the city was made. The council decided the city would not purchase the property.

Meeting adjourned.


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