Wenger Marel grants awarded in the amount of $101,273


The spring 2024 grant cycle from the Wenger Marel Charitable Fund is complete and four area nonprofits have been awarded grants. This grant program is a fund of The Greater Sabetha Community Foundation and online applications can be made at www.sabethafoundation.org. Applications for the fall 2024 cycle are due Oct 31, 2024, and more information about the application qualifications can be found on the website.

Sabetha Middle School (fully funded) Award amount: $24,237

Sabetha Middle School will use these funds to update the furnishing in the library to provide an additional functional space for student and teacher use. New furnishings will provide an alternative area to increase peer to peer learning, collaboration and student engagement. Engaged students are more likely to retain information and make connections between different concepts and apply what they learn in real world situations. As teaching methods and technology continue to evolve and change-school environments should as well.

They will purchase flexible seating and laminate work-surface desks in addition to the tables and chairs currently in the library. Flexible seating is the practice of allowing and providing many seating options for students to allow them a choice in how they work best. Research shows that providing an outlet to be physically active during learning, students can perform better academically, improve concentration, cognitive performance, and behavior. Collaborative learning is a powerful tool to enhance engagement and encourages students to work together and exchange ideas.

“SMS is incredibly thankful to Wenger/Marel for their generosity. We are super excited to see the students and staff utilize the new library furnishings this fall,” said Loretta Buser.

My Sister’s House (partial award) Award Amount: $18,850

My Sister’s House will use their award for a full bathroom remodel. They plan to convert their current tub to a shower, replace the current toilet, add a new sink, add new cupboards and increase the lighting.

My Sister’s House is a Christian-based home that houses post-rehab or post-incarcerated women. Women live in this home while re-adjusting to everyday society. They learn to be responsible with a regular paying job, financial responsibility and learn to live in a group situation. Their long-term goal is to make the house safer, more economical, more functional and more pleasant by completing these renovations.

“So many local people and churches have blessed My Sister’s House over the years, but this particular gift allows us to make much needed improvements to a bathroom that will efficiently accommodate our residents. We could not have done this without the Wenger Marel grant. Thank you!” said Sandy Aberle.

Sabetha EMS and The Main Event both received matching dollars for their project. They will receive the amounts offered contingent on their organization matching the offer.

Sabetha Emergency Management System (partial matching amount): $26,618

Sabetha EMS is aiming to purchase an additional Power Load Cot System for their ambulance service. The goal with purchasing the power load cot system is to reduce the strain on the crew and protect their patients. Sabetha EMS currently has a three-truck fleet in which one has a power load cot system. Due to the lifting ease, this ambulance receives the greatest number of miles and wear and tear. With an additional power load cot system, they can rotate their fleet and extend the life of their ambulances.

The Main Event (partial matching amount): $31,569

The Main Event and The Meeting Room on Main were created by and for community. To better serve their needs, they continuously seek feedback and suggestions from our community. Through this grant application, they aim to secure funding for the purchase and installation of a comprehensive audio/visual package. This includes a dedicated PA system, microphones, fixed and portable speakers and video projection capabilities.

Currently, the spaces lack any audio/visual equipment, limiting the possibilities for those who utilize them. In close consultation with our community, they have identified the acquisition of these resources as the most critical enhancement required to maintain the commitment to serve the community’s needs. By providing an exceptional and inclusive experience for all, they can continue to foster vibrant and accessible spaces that benefit the entire community.

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