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Alumni share memories during the Bern High School Alumni Banquet.

Submitted by Laura Baumgartner

Bern High School Alumni Secretary

The 130th annual Bern High School Alumni Banquet was held at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 25, in the Bern Community Building. Attendance was approximately 168 members and guests. The Bern Café served a meal of pork tenderloins, smothered chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Following the meal, President Eric Stallbaumer called the meeting to order. The Bern Alumni members and their spouses were introduced. E. Stallbaumer thanked the Bern Community for letting us use the building for free. Anne Moser was thanked for updating the deceased alumni list. The board members and their spouses were also thanked for the time and work they put into the banquet.

Next, secretary Laura Baumgartner read the minutes from the 2023 alumni banquet. Joyce Kuenzi-Dorsch made a motion to approve the minutes with Roy Frey seconding the motion. Treasurer Travis Meyer presented the financial report. Nick Moser moved to accept the report as stated and Theresa Wetzel seconded it; motion passed.

The scholarship report was given by Assistant Secretary Whitney (Wilson) Wallman. The High School applicants who qualified to receive a scholarship of $1,000 were Seth Meyer, Joe Korber and Dane Haverkamp. They all attended Bern Elementary School as kindergartners. The remaining High School recipients received $500 and are as follows: William Vlcek, Marcus Bauman and Kalvin Evans.  Finally, the college recipient of $500 went to Davis Rokey.

There was no old business to discuss. The board members finishing their three-year terms included Travis Meyer and Stefany Grove.  The new board member nominations were Curt Haverkamp and Tricia Cain. There were no other nominations. Eugene Harter moved a unanimous vote to be accepted; Jeannie Rosengarten seconded it; motion passed.

The Kingdom Messengers men’s choir provided some entertainment singing several songs and finished up by singing the Bern Indian’s fight song, “Hail to the Varsity.”

Registrar Grove and Vice President Garret Stallbaumer conducted a roll call. Memories were shared by the anniversary classes in attendance. Ron Creed (Class of 1959), Bill Hecht (class of 1971) and Nick Moser (class of 1994) were recognized for perfect attendance.

Vice President G. Stallbaumer then raffled off the beautiful centerpieces by asking a variety of trivia questions such as: “Who is the older alumni present?” Once again, Betty Ingerson. “Who had the most grandchildren?” Curt and Ellen Strahm. “Who traveled the shortest distance?” Which was 19 steps by Paul and Bernice Montgomery. G. Stallbaumer then recognized all the military personnel, past and present.

A memorial service was conducted by G. Stallbaumer and Assistant Secretary Wallman. A list of deceased members was read along and a white rose was presented for each person followed by a moment of silence.

President Eric Stallbaumer gave the closing remarks; Hecht moved to adjourn the meeting and Paul Montgomery seconded it; motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.


Military alumni are recognized during the Bern High School Alumni Banquet.
Alumni share memories during the Bern High School Alumni Banquet.
Kingdom Messengers men’s choir provides entertainment by singing several songs during the Bern High School Alumni Banquet.


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