Morrill City Council 05.06.2024

Submitted by Linda Hill

City Clerk

On Monday, May 6, the Morrill City Council met in regular session with members Griffen Huning, Gage Becker, Duane Perry, Chad Youde and Linda Wymer present. Mayor Ken Beckner presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was present. No visitors were present.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

The engineer for the sidewalk project would be in Morrill at 10 a.m. on May 17 to conduct a site visit.

Clerk Linda Hill stated she had not been able to submit the annual report for the ARPA funds received due to the email address change, but she is going to try one more thing.

The council decided to allow Mayor Beckner or Clerk Hill to talk with the bank about possibly getting more funds for the substation project.

Superintendent Wymer stated that KMEA would be in Morrill on May 7. He stated the substation may be powered up in May.

Some donations for the sidewalk project have been received. The Morrill Chamber of Commerce stated they need to discuss further if the donations could come through them. Discussed was other non-profit organizations that might consider having the donations come through. The sidewalk grant requires any donations have to come from a non-profit organization.

Meeting adjourned.


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