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125 Years

Thursday, June 15, 1899

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lukert and Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Myers went to St. Joseph last Friday, to attend the big banquet at the opening of the new St. Joseph Live Stock Exchange building. Mr. and Mrs. Myers went on into Missouri to visit friends. Mrs. Myers returned yesterday.

The effort to make political capital out of the asylum scandal will not work. Stanley’s administration is not responsible for it and cannot be held responsible in any way. The legislature, one branch of which was Populist, and its committee, which was four-ninths Populist, are solely responsible and there is no sense or reason in trying to saddle the responsibility on the state administration or either party in the state.

The row about the location of the insane asylum recalls the great noise that was made over the location of the reformatory at Hutchinson. Some men from the eastern part of the state who voted for Hutchison were accused of murder, arson and highway robbery, and no doubt felt glad to escape with their lives.

The Seneca News has been sold to Rev. J. S. Becknell, the Christian minister, who will make an “independent” paper of it. J. M. Jones announces the change “with pleasure unalloyed.”

100 Years

Wednesday, June 18, 1924

Falls City and Humboldt will play ball July 4th at Sycamore Springs — Adv.

A tornado Thursday morning near Hiawatha took the roof off the old Hewitt country home place, damaged garage. The orchard trees were so badly damaged that Charles Hewitt fears that the prospect of a big apple crop has been nipped.

Burt Conrad, C. A. Wilson and Clarence Steele drove to Falls City to inspect the golf greens. Sabetha will be working on new greens soon. Sunday, June 22 is the tournament between Falls City and Sabetha at Falls City.

The Swift plant had an explosion in the ice-making equipment Wednesday afternoon. Ammonia fumes were through the entire building and all the employees vacated the building in a few seconds. The fumes were carried for two blocks and work was delayed for some times.

On the Chris Brunner farm hail stones which fell Tuesday night were so large they would not fit in a teacup.

Morrill high school claims this distinction. None of the eight members of the graduating class nor any of the seven women members of the faculty where bobbed hair. — World

75 Years

Wednesday, June 15, 1949

Thirty-six years ago today George Beyer walked into the Sabetha light plant, rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He celebrated his anniversary as an engineer at the plant by bouncing up and down on a pneumatic drill tearing out concrete to make way for the foundation of the new diesel generating unit soon to be installed.

A movement to straighten and improve highway 75 between here and Topeka was gaining momentum rapidly this week as chambers of commerce along the route displayed enthusiastic interest in the project. A meeting of representatives from towns along the route, from the state line to Topeka, is tentatively scheduled to be held in Sabetha next month to crystalize sentiment and present the case to state officials. Two routes are under consideration, both of them eliminating many twists and turns which exist in the present location of the highway. One is the plan mapped by the governor’s highway planning commission. It utilizes the present paving in Shawnee county, then diagonals northwest to a point south of Holton, then straight north through the west edge of Holton to highway 75, about a mile west of Fairview, west two miles , and north on the present route to Sabetha. The other plan proposed by Wetmore citizens and receiving considerable support follows the commission’s routing north as far as No. 9 to a point a mile east of Wetmore, then north on the county line to Sabetha. Both plans would give about the same amount of existing east-west highway, and would have the same number of turns. Under either plan, the highway is slated eventually to be routed straight north along the east edge of Sabetha. Highway 75, it is understood here, has been designated by the war department as a military highway, one of a series of routes extending from Topeka as a hub to military establishments in the respective directions, but because of the condition of 75, much military traffic now is being diverted farther east. With the new state highway program now in operation, it is felt that the time is opportune for straightening and improving this highway and encouraging the traffic which would logically follow this route.

Rains have continued the past week, though in more moderate degree, and farmers hereabouts are chafing over their inability to get into their fields. Corn is badly in need of cultivation, and attention to other crops is hampered. Some black rust is showing up in wheat as a result of the wet weather, but its extent so far is not alarming. Last Wednesday .3 inch of rain fell, and Sunday night another .4 inch. Temperatures have remained low for the season.

50 Years

Wednesday, June 12, 1974

There was no doubt the Sabetha Golf Club was going to produce the 1974 champion in the annual Northeast Kansas Golf Association tournament Sunday when the final round teed off. All of the finalists in the championship flight were from the local club and three were former champions. However, it was the fourth playe, Bill Leman, who had never won this tournament before, that came through with a thrilling extra hole victory over former two time title winner Elgin Hartter.

Population Takes A Dip. The Nemaha County Clerk’s office has completed the 1974 census (County population as of January 1, 1974), and the report is alarming. Where is our population going? The County Clerk’s office realizes that Western Union of Sabetha-Berwick area has moved a lot of personnel to Texas, and that the Gudenkauf Rendering Works at Seneca has closed its door, but to lose 276 in population is hard to justify Sabetha shows the biggest drop of 79, followed by Seneca with 30, Oneida 16, Centralia 10, Corning and Bern 6 each. Wetmore has a gain of 9 and Goff 4.

25 Years

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

With school out for the summer, motorists and pedestrians have one more thing to watch out for, bicyclists on Sabetha streets and sidewalks. While the Sabetha city code states “It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to ride a bicycle on any sidewalk within the city,” that doesn’t stop a lot of bicyclists from doing exactly that. Main Street is a difficult situation, because they aren’t supposed to ride on the sidewalk, but it would be dangerous for them to ride on the street, with traffic pulling into and backing out of parking spaces, acting Chief of Police Dickie Thompson said. The only safe alternative he could see is to have the youth walk their bicycles down the sidewalks of Main Street.

Pictured above: A car show enthusiast examined a 1916 Ford Model T owned by Danny Kellenberger, Sabetha. His car won in the Oldest car division. Sabetha’s MDA Aluminum Foil Man winners, the Extru Tech, Inc. team of Nick Shaw, Deryl Hancock and Colin Mair. Their original time was 25.11m having raised $145, the winning time became 22.41.

Complaints of a diesel odor prompted the City of Sabetha to begin investigating. The odor was attributed to an overflow of diesel fuel discovered about 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 9. City Administrator Doug Allen explained that the automatic day tank, that fuels a small tank for the city’s number seven generator, normally kicks on when the tank gets low and then has an automatic shut off feature when it gets high. A warning system on the tank is also supposed to bee activated. However, in this instance neither the automatic shut-off valve or the warning system worked. The result, “we had a diesel overrun of approximately 2,000 gallons,” stated Allen.

10 Years

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An EF-3 Tornado ripped through northeast Nemaha County on Tuesday evening, June 3, causing severe damage to a number of properties south of Bern. No major injuries or fatalities were reported. “We were very lucky it wasn’t another mile north, said Todd Swart, emergency preparedness director for Nemaha County. “We could have seen major, major destruction of the City of Bern.”

Interim Superintendent Volora Hanzlicek told board members that the district could surpass the initial goal of $1.1 million in budget reductions by the end of the 2014-15 school year. At the Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education’s regular meeting on Monday evening, June 9, Hanzlicek said budget reductions that have already been made, along with cuts the board has approved for the 2014-15 school year, would combine to total approximately $886,785.

North Wind Technical Services, located in the Sabetha Industrial Park, is expanding its facility for the second time. The 3,250-square-foot expansion more than doubles the facility’s shop and storage area. This expansion comes just two years after the last, which doubled the company’s office space in 2012.

PHOTO: The Good Sam Club Band performs a variety of festive tunes at Twisters Cruise Night Saturday, June 7. The event was from 6 to 9 p.m. There were was a large crowd gathered to watch the band and enjoy the cars.

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