Sabetha Summer T-ball Teams

No photo was available for the Sabetha 1 girls’ T-ball team. Members of the Sabetha 1 girls’ T-ball team are Kinsley Costlow, Halle Glick, Ellie Meyer, Juliet Rippe, Hailey Jackman, Delilah Lyons, Brynna Pyle and Lakelyn Schroeder. Coaches are Megan Glick, Kristina Costlow and Daniel Costlow.

Members of the Sabetha 2 girls’ T-Ball team are (L-R) Coach Greta Heiman, Ava Thompson, Tenley Heiman, Charlotte Sperfslage, Elle Dooling, Vanna Tinklin, Hattie Sperfslage, Coach Emma Heiman and Coach Jeff Thompson. Not pictured is Ryleigh Kotas.
Members of the Sabetha 3 girls’ T-Ball team are (L-R) Arden Rose, Luella Suther, Gaige Steele, Charlotte Bailey, Hannah Glace, Anistyn Willey, Kennedy Lemons and Lucca Davis. Not pictured is Coach Rachel Lemons.
Members of the Sabetha 4 girls’ T-Ball team are FRONT ROW (L-R) Annabeth Oesterreich, Camryn Edelman, Briar Rebant and Tabor Rebant; BACK ROW (L-R) Willow Overley, Elyse Winkler, Hazelyn Edelman, Jullianna Venegas and Madi Allen. Not pictured are Coaches Kyle Allen and Chris Rebant.
Members of the Sabetha 1 boys’ T-Ball team are FRONT ROW (L-R) Amos Aberle, Brook Schmid, Witten Strathman and Hudson Allen; BACK ROW (L-R) Malachi Aberle, Lance Orton, Kingston Rebant, Fisher Hall and Kooper Turner. Not pictured are Coaches Mitch Allen, Chris Rebant and Anthony Schmid.
Members of the Red Tigers Sabetha 2 boys’ T-Ball team are FRONT ROW (L-R) Henry Koch, Grayson Lillie, Gabe Werner, Matthew Swogar, Colin Keim, Amsel Garza and Dakota Renyer; BACK ROW (L-R) Coaches Hillary Koch, Austin Keim, Josh Swogar and Andrew Lillie. Not pictured is Will Strahm.
Members of the Sabetha 3 boys’ T-Ball team are (L-R) Declan Snyder, James McCoy, Mitchell Stoller, Max Joy, Sproul Scoby, Jonathan Huffman, Drew Zebulun, Klay Moeller, Ames Bosworth and Jeremiah Huffman. Not pictured are coaches Cory Joy, Connie Joy, Steve Stoller, Travis Snyder and Matt Bosworth.
Members of the Sabetha 4 boys’ T-Ball team are (L-R) Colsen Hulsing, Branch Boldra, William Ross, Tatum Georg, Quentin Haverkamp, Will Sheik, Maveric Moore, Owen Hartter and Coach Pat Sheik.
Members of the Sabetha 5 boys’ T-Ball team are FRONT ROW (L-R) Jonah Cox, Azariah Frederick and Kyce Wasinger; BACK ROW (L-R) Coach Tyler Frederick, Grayson Bletscher, Immanuel Frederick, Watson Yoder, Conrad Steele, Zeke Houser and Coach Brad Yoder.
Members of the Sabetha 6 boys’ T-Ball team are FRONT ROW (L-R) Preston Otto, Acre Wehner, Felix Deters and John Luke Plattner; BACK ROW (L-R) Coach Broc Otto, Nolan Shafer, Rowan Halstead, Jase Lierz, Korbin Jackman and Coach Brennan Wehner. Not pictured are Lennox Bailey, and Coaches Marcus Jackman and Landon Bailey.


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