Medicare Open Enrollment is just around the corner

Medicare Open Enrollment is just around the corner, Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, 2022. What does this mean for Medicare beneficiaries? Open Enrollment is when you can enroll in or…

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Bovine Anaplasmosis

Late summer and fall is the time of year when Anaplasmosis can rear its ugly head in beef cattle herds. At the Ranch Management Field days in August, Dr. Kathryn…

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Cut stump herbicide applications

Even as leaves fade from summer green to fall colors, the job of controlling woody species encroaching on grazing lands likely isn’t done. Fortunately, there are options to consider for…

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Buying prescription medicines online: a consumer safety guide

The Internet is rapidly changing the way we live, including how we shop. Internet growth in recent years has enabled consumers to purchase medicines online. There are online pharmacies that…

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Guest Editorial — Enough is enough: bad behavior by coaches, parents and fans must stop

There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in Kansas and across the nation that must be stopped: the bad behavior of coaches, parents and fans at high school athletic events. We’ve all…

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Say something

The Kansas State Department of Education has declared the first week of October as Anti-Bullying Week (Oct. 3–7). Students and adults are encouraged to say something if they see something…

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The fall of mankind

October has arrived and there are signs of autumn all around us. We call it “fall.” We see changes already in the color of the leaves on the trees, in…

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Work garden soil in the fall

Fall is the preferred time to prepare garden soil for next spring’s vegetable garden. Spring is often wet making it difficult to work soil without forming clods that remain the…

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Mail carrier expresses gratitude

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to everyone who acknowledged my recent award. Thank you to Joni Aue, Selena Smith and everyone for making my day special with beautifully decorated…

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Brace yourself

It’s that time again – time for account statements to roll out to investors. Two words: brace yourself. The end of September is fast approaching. And that means whether you…

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Brace yourself: Why preventative healthcare is important

We can do many things to try and stay healthy. We can get plenty of exercise, eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, maintain an active social life, and avoid smoking and…

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Veterinary feed directive

If you’ve been following my columns, you will have noted that I tend to write about what may be happening to me on a personal level. The theory is, if…

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The effects of late season usage on cool season grasses

Forage management this time of year is a balancing act: back off grazing and (potentially) give up forage we could really use right now or go ahead and use what…

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Balancing marriage, work not an easy task

In many two-earner families today it becomes difficult to fully meet the demands of work and to give the necessary time to create and maintain a satisfying and intimate partnership….

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Letter to the Editor: To the citizens of Fairview

Dear Editor, This November will be a historic event for the citizens of Fairview. On the November ballot there will be a question for a sales tax for the City…

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