Swimming pool germs: precautions to take

With the coming of the summer heat, the swimming pool is starting to look very enticing. The local public pool is an excellent way to beat the Kansas summer heat,…

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Soybean Gall Midge

A news article recently hit my inbox referencing “orange maggots swarming” into Northeast Kansas soybean fields. It sounds concerning, and while Soybean Gall Midge can be a pest of significance…

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Exercise and your brain

If you want to take care of your brain, you need to first take care of your body. Research consistently shows that people who lead a healthful lifestyle, including regular…

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Strawberry bed renewal

Next year’s strawberry crop will be affected by what you do to this year’s strawberry bed. The sooner after harvest the patch is cleaned up, fertilized and irrigated, if possible,…

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De-thatch your warm season lawn

If you have a warm-season turf grass, like bermudagrass or zoysiagrass, now is the time to think about de-thatching. Thatch refers to the layer of dead grass and roots that…

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Summer pneumonia in calves

It is often thought that stress associated with calving, calf processing, artificial insemination and other direct, close contact with the cow herd is over when they get turned out to…

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Committed to care — an update from Sabetha Community Hospital

Sabetha Community Hospital recently named Diana Harris as the new Director of Nemaha County Home Health & Hospice. Diana has been working as an RN for the agency for the…

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Doxology in the darkness

Most of us have sung the “Doxology,” you know, as the offering is brought forward, “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him…

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Children in vehicles warning

For many years, I have been informing the public about the importance of making sure you check your cars for unattended children and pets. Too many child deaths occur in…

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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Elder abuse is a continuing and often underreported problem, and unfortunately, it can happen to any older adult. Elder abuse is the intentional act, or failure to act, that causes…

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Summer Solstice

Why in world would I choose to write about the longest daylight day of the year? This might be an important day for those growing plants counting growing degree days,…

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Winter damage to trees

Do you have tree branches, or even entire trees, that have failed to branch out? You are not alone! Our January cold snap caused some significant damage to some trees….

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Tar Spot confirmed in NEK

The first map tracking Tar Spot in corn is out – and the growing season has begun with Northeast Kansas as the first confirmation of the year. K-State Research and…

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Tiny habits

In addition to carving out time for physical activity, including moderate intensity (walking, biking, etc.) and strengthening exercises, it is also important to just move more and sit less throughout…

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It’s not rigged, part two

In my last column, I tried to make a convincing argument that the stock market is not rigged. Instead, I suggested, it is ultimately governed by earnings. As earnings increase,…

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