Committed to care — an update from Sabetha Community Hospital

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! If you were downtown on Monday, Dec. 4, you many have caught a glimpse of Santa Claus. Our Pediatric Therapy team hosted a sensory-friendly Santa…

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Poinsettia care

The poinsettia can be found everywhere right now — florists, nurseries, grocery stores, large-scale retailers, even hardware stores. As common as they are, you might wonder how to choose plants…

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Faith and trust in Christ

People often ask, especially after the passing of a loved one, what does the Bible really say about life after death? I always appreciate that question because people around the…

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Greater Sabetha Community Foundation expresses thanks for Give to Grow

Thank you! Donations: $406,117.47 | Matching Dollars: $135,500.00 Grand Total: $541,617.47 Thanks to these GENEROUS Business Pillars! Ag Partners Coop, Bank of Blue Valley, Community National Bank, Edelmans Home Center,…

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Is limit feeding an option?

Coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday and heading into Christmas candy season, you might think this is a human healthy eating article; believe me, I’m the last person who needs…

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Controlling volunteer trees

Though trees are a vital part of our landscapes, there are situations where volunteer trees need to be controlled. This is often a case of the wrong plant in the…

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Caring for your Christmas tree

December is here and many of us will start bringing evergreen trees into our home for the Christmas season. Often, people wonder, how do I make my Christmas tree last…

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Holiday tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe

With the holiday season upon us, I would like to share some information to hopefully prevent anything that would put a damper on your festivities. An interesting fact is that…

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Broomsedge bluestem – fertility management considerations

There’s a statement in a United States Department of Agriculture Plant Fact Sheet on broomsedge bluestem stating: On infertile soils, broomsedge is a long-lived competitor. If your end of year…

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Finding time for fitness over the holidays

Trying to find time to fit “in” the holiday parties, shopping, baking, cleaning, entertaining and of course work may lead to some stressful times. What about eating healthy and physical…

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Different timeframes

I talk a lot in these columns about investing in stocks. I have also written a number of articles about investing in farmland. And for good reason. Stocks – of…

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The Dragon still seeks the Child

When the One who pulled Eve from Adam’s side graced us with His birth, He was not born as anything but a person. The Eternal Son of God through whom…

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Put hay to work for feed, shelter, fuel savings

As I write this, it is a short week for the Thanksgiving holiday, my hope is that everyone can find reasons to be thankful and spend time with family over…

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A perennial poinsettia

Although we normally associate poinsettias with the holiday season, these perennial flowers can be grown throughout the entire year if kept inside. It is native to Mexico where it grows…

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Soybean Cyst Nematode sampling

Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) has been called a “silent yield killer.” Mostly invisible in terms of aboveground symptomology, SCN typically isn’t present in every soybean field and even where found,…

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