Isn’t the BOE’s purpose to provide the best education for all students?

Dear Editor, Axtell and Wetmore Schools have benefited greatly since the formation of USD 113. I believe that the 3 Sabetha schools have too. It was advantageous for all to…

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Weed/brush control practices

University of Missouri researchers surveyed 66 pastures between 2015 and 2017 looking at the average number of weeds per acre. Annual broadleaf weeds led the way, peaking at close to…

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Medicare changes in 2023

If you are a current Medicare beneficiary or just going onto Medicare, there are some changes you will need to keep in mind for 2023. Cost The cost of the…

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Fruit trees and frost

If you are considering purchasing fruit trees this spring, there are certain factors that should be considered for some of our fruit tree species. Spring in Kansas is often unsettled…

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How far should cattle walk to water?

The topic of watering livestock is one that we most often think about in the hot summer months, but in reality, access to a good water source is important year-round….

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Stock your pantry the Mediterranean way

The Mediterranean way of eating emphasizes a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are a variety of options to achieve this goal. Fresh fruits and vegetables choices change throughout the…

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Think of the kids

Dear Editor, At the January 9th informational meeting in Wetmore, a school board member mentioned that a couple of towns whose schools were closed are now thriving (Bern and Corning)….

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Three words

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you” (Jeremiah 1:5). In 2006, I had just completed a workout session at…

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Why farmers die rich

You know the old saying, “Farmers live poor and die rich.” It’s often true. There’s a reason the saying came into existence, after all. The seemingly simply reason for this…

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Do Kansas midterm elections make sense?

Dear Editor, Things that don’t make sense about the 2022 Kansas election, part 2. Is Kansas a red-state or a purple state, or a confused state? On the one hand,…

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The very word stirs up different emotions within us, both good and bad. Most of those emotions are a result of our experiences in a church. Now we know that…

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The daunting math of losses

Any time the stock market takes a nasty spill – as it did in 2022 – financial writers tend to trot out a worn-out tune about recouping losses. Some call…

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An update from Sabetha Community Hospital

Happy New Year! On behalf of everyone at Sabetha Community Hospital, we hope that you have a happy and healthy New Year.  We ended 2022 with the retirement of Dr….

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Pleasant Valley School remembered

Dear Editor, Recently the rural school where I spent my first four years, the same one my dad went to for his six grades and the one where Grandpa was…

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Make your new year health resolution

As we focus on the new year, many people start by making resolutions about their health. Most of us know the best way to keep healthy is to exercise, eat…

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