Bagworms, is it too late to spray?

By mid-August, most bagworms have finished feeding and retreated into their bags. Insecticides will not penetrate the thick, leathery, silk-lined pouches. To determine whether larvae have finished feeding, examine the…

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Honoring and remembering Stephen Ukele

When our oldest son decided to wrestle in high school, we had almost as much to learn as he did. Luckily, wrestling parents, like Ken and Judy Georg and Morris…

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Marijuana concerns

Over the past several years, there has been a growing concern over why there is such an issue over marijuana arrests in Kansas when border states have legalized this drug….

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Wise words… from a tennis pro

Rafael Nadal is arguably the best male tennis player ever. He’s the greatest of all time when playing on clay. He’s tied for the most Grand Slam titles. He’s won…

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As we begin the new school year, I want to encourage communication between parents and schools, as well as teachers. It is important that school personnel are familiar with parents….

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Every day is Thanksgiving Day

Dear friends and neighbors of Northeast Kansas, greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! How about that rodeo Saturday night?! I salute the cowboys, cowgirls and…

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Be aware and vigilant of heatstroke

I would like to notify the public that hotter temperatures are coming our way – please make sure to check and double check your vehicle every time! A child is…

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Fenceline – time to plan weaning

Oh, my goodness, where has the time gone? In just a few weeks, we will be considering weaning the calves. It’s best to start planning for that now. Having a…

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Foliar fungicide use in soybeans

As the corn crop heads towards growth stages where fungicides no longer do much good, attention may switch to soybean fungicide use. We’re not quite to the optimal application window…

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Packed lunch safety

Carrying your food in an insulated container with a freezer gel pack not only keeps your meal safe to eat, but helps prevent boring bagged lunches! Make extra of a…

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Tomatoes slow to ripen?

The extremely hot weather we have had recently not only interferes with flower pollination, but also can affect how quickly fruit matures. The best temperature for tomato growth and fruit…

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Minister Speaks: The value of reflecting

We often reflect over the events of our lives. It seems that many conversations today are reflecting over this past year and how it impacted our lives. It is good…

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Germination testing

Whether you’re planting seed to harvest, or just for cover, the effectiveness of the planting is often only as good as the number of seeds you can get to grow….

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Is that melon ripe or not?

Picking a ripe melon from the field or grocery store can be challenging, but Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham says it also can be fairly easy if you…

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The County Fair

The County fairs are back! Last year, the county fair suffered as much as anything. The county fair’s importance dates back to a history when people loved to get together…

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