Winning the Game Corn Marketing Workshop

What’s your pre-harvest corn marketing plan look like for the 2022 crop? Every producer understands the value in a good marketing plan – but how do you get one together?…

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Focus on positives when talking to children

We go toward what we focus on. We have a choice — to focus on what’s not working and the negative, or we can focus on the positive. Since we…

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2022: Function from a position of rest

As it’s always exciting to begin a new year! I know that resolutions, commitments at work and promises to loved ones are circling and everyone is excited for a fresh…

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‘The Door’

The Apostle Paul tells us in II Corinthians 5:8, “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”…

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Winter/spring fertilization of tall fescue, smooth bromegrass pastures

Much of the nitrogen (N) applied to tall fescue and smooth bromegrass hay meadows and pastures goes on in January or February in eastern Kansas. The amount and timing of…

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N fixation in soybeans

In our corn/soybean rotation budgets, nitrogen rates and the related costs are a big factor in whether the crop is profitable or not. With fertilizer prices where they are today,…

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We’re all envious

In life, some of one thing can be healthy, but too much of that same thing can be toxic. There are plenty of examples: food, free time and fear, to…

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Thank You Board of Education Members!

Occasionally, when I was helping my dad (actually Dad was helping Mom by keeping me busy), we would stop by the “coffee shop.” Dad was a veterinarian, so the latest…

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January is Radon Action Month

Because of its odorless, tasteless and colorless ways, radon can be a silent killer and unfortunately, it’s fairly prevalent in Kansas soils. The radioactive gas that occurs naturally in some…

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Online gardening program announces 2022 sessions

A wildly popular online gardening series isn’t planning to slow down even as outdoor temperatures grow colder. In fact, organizers of the K-State Garden Hour say the 2022 lineup is…

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A New Year

Blogs, Instagram, TikTok, magazines, news and all other social media always buzz about the New Year this time of year. They will talk of resolutions, renewal, hope and new beginnings…

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Have a purposeful, intentional and disciplined 2022!

There are three words that do not come very natural to most of us. These words stretch us out of our comfort zone, challenge us to be better people and…

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January is National Radon Action Month

Kansas is fortunate to have the scenic county side, a relatively low cost of living and produces a valuable part of our food supply. On the downside, there’s a decent…

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What is the unborn?

What is the unborn? If you’re immediately turned off by pro-life/pro-choice arguments or if you don’t want to listen to just another person yelling about abortion, then you could just…

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New scam concerns

Citizens have been reporting that they have been receiving phone calls from someone representing themselves as information centers for COVID compliance. Callers are informing individuals that they are taking a…

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