Guest Editorial — Enough is enough: bad behavior by coaches, parents and fans must stop

There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in Kansas and across the nation that must be stopped: the bad behavior of coaches, parents and fans at high school athletic events. We’ve all…

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Honing his skills at Sixth Street Park

Everybody has heard stories about small town kids who grew up bouncing a basket ball in their driveways, city parks or school gyms. Their love of the game and strong…

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Guest Editorial: Was the 1963 Sabetha Bluejay Basketball Team the Best in School History?

Most of us, I suppose especially athletes, harbor our would of’s, should of’s, or could of’s as well as our what if’s. The Sabetha High School basketball team from the…

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50 years of Title IX….Should have been 100

Submitted by Kimbrook Tennal I didn’t realize when I was in school what a terrible omission it was to not allow girls to play sports in high school. The girls in…

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Editorial: Pat Duane Tramp on the back!

It has been two years since I have sat down at the keyboard and typed an editorial letter for The Sabetha Herald. After reading and printing the letter from Joyce…

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