Dear Editor, Our government is a democracy which guarantees equality of rights, opportunity, and treatment. Mr. Shinn declares that individuals or a political party that encourages federal and state financial…

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Interactive Update Meeting

Dear Editor, The Kansas legislative have been busy working in communities on new laws that will affect us all. The newly elected Kansas School Board has met, with the intent…

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More termites

Dear Editor, Here are a few more of the termites chewing at the trunk of America: the endless murder of children in the womb and the disinterest in prosecuting the…

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Letter: Elections matter

Dear Editor, Our government is a Republic where we select and vote for representation from amongst our own citizens. The common philosophy, mostly from the left, is to look for…

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A legacy begins… A legacy ends

Dear Editor, The headline of last week’s paper was about a new legacy beginning with Sabetha’s wrestling program while at the same time a long legacy is being forced to…

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Letter: Help support Meals on Wheels

Dear Editor, My name is Judy Glynn. I am one of the many fortunate recipients of the “Meals on Wheels” program. I understand this program has been serving our communities…

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A friend’s tribute to Sabetha High School’s Scott Burger

Dear Editor, My earliest memory of Scott Burger is a distinctive one: I’m a lowly 8th-grader gathering books from my locker at Valley Heights High School. Scott is striding intently…

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Letter: KPERS

Dear Editor, Ray Shinn needs to study state laws on KPERS: neither President Biden nor Governor Kelly can raise COLA stipends for retirees. That lies solely in the Kansas legislature….

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Dear Editor, In response to Ms. Bloom’s letter last week where she pleaded for government intervention to increase her KPERS retirement check; I believe it must be pointed out that…

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Letter: The numbers don’t make sense

Dear Editor, Final thoughts on the 2022 midterm election. One explanation as to why Derek Schmidt lost the election – and this is my personal favorite – is that Laura…

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Letter: Subscriber expresses thanks to The Sabetha Herald staff

Dear Editor, Another tumultuous year has come and gone and time to renew my subscription to my favorite hometown newspaper. Your recent published letter from Ray Hoffman triggered my memory…

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KPERS retirees need raises in benefits

Dear Editor, I retired as a Kansas secondary educator in 2007 after thirty four (34) years in junior, senior, and community college language arts and Spanish classrooms. Now, sixteen (16)…

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Do the voters or the numbers make no sense?

Dear Editor, Oddities with the recent election, part 3. How did Ron Estes (R) win in Sedgwick County by about 25,000 votes, while Derek Schmidt lost to Laura Kelly there…

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Isn’t the BOE’s purpose to provide the best education for all students?

Dear Editor, Axtell and Wetmore Schools have benefited greatly since the formation of USD 113. I believe that the 3 Sabetha schools have too. It was advantageous for all to…

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Do Kansas midterm elections make sense?

Dear Editor, Things that don’t make sense about the 2022 Kansas election, part 2. Is Kansas a red-state or a purple state, or a confused state? On the one hand,…

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