Letter to the Editor: Information sought on pieces of local history

Dear Editor, I am writing in regards to the Most House at Albany, Kan. As we discovered in the past year, the Most House has an influential start to its…

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Letter to the Editor: Sheriff shares his appreciation

Dear Editor, On behalf of all of my fellow Sheriff’s across the state, I would like to extend our gratitude to the public that has shown their support for the…

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Our Veterans

As we near another Veteran’s Day this Friday, let reflect on those who gave the ultimate and did not come home. Our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, cousins…

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To Shannon Stapleton’s response to ‘Conjectures About Wind Energy’

Dear Editor, I welcome other people’s opinions and perspectives when they are presented appropriately and are based on factual information. It is one thing to give feedback or reply to…

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Think globally, act locally

Dear Editor, THINK GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY – This is a phrase that I think of often. It was penned by Patrick Geddes, a city planner from the early 1900s….

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Science proves that life begins at conception

Dear Editor, We live in a world that declares to believe in science, and yet when science clearly proves that life begins at conception, we pointedly ignore it because it’s…

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Letter to the Editor: Reply to ‘Conjectures about wind energy’

Dear Editor, I would like to make some conjectures on the big companies that are trying to push their products on us. Geri signed her letter as being from Sabetha….

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A correction to my ad

Dear Editor, The Total Ticket in last week’s paper is being paid for by Ray Shinn and not the Nemaha County Republican Party or the Nemaha County Republican Women’s Club….

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Correction to my letter

Dear Editor, In my Letter to the Editor last week, I mistakenly referred to the Planning Commission as the Zoning Board. I apologize for this error. Ginny Pfrang Rural Goff

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Letter to the Editor: Donate during these difficult times

Dear Editor, Keeping up with the ever-changing field of senior nutrition and funding a non-profit is no easy task. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff and volunteers of Meals on…

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Letter: Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Two Years Ago?

Dear Editor, My how things can change with a stroke of a pen or executive order. The very day our current President took office, he has done nothing to help…

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Letter: Conjectures about wind energy

Dear Editor, Conjectures about wind energy are many and varied. I know, because I have worked in the community for a few years now and every question that comes my…

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Letter: Vote no on all judges, except Caleb Stegall

Dear Editor, With Value Them Both voted down by a big margin, left-wingers have been interpreting it as a pro-choice surge in red-state Kansas. They argue that even red states…

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Letter to the Editor: Preservation of the elected office of sheriff

Dear Editor, Citizens of Nemaha County, In the upcoming November election, you are going to see a Constitutional amendment on the ballot that has to do with the Office of…

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Letter to the Editor: To Zone or Not to Zone. That’s not the question.

Dear Editor, “To zone or not to zone.” That was not the question asked on the county-wide survey that was recently sent out. So how is it that a very…

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