Letter to the Editor: Bills vetoed by the governor

Dear Editor, The Kansas Legislator is in its final session to override the reckless and partisan vetos she has placed our fellow Kansans. Several bills are scheduled to be voted…

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Letter to the Editor: County resident shares more concerns

Dear Editor, Previously, I shared with the public via a Letter to the Editor, the first part of my comments to the County Commission on February 26. Following is the…

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Letter: Commissioners asked if they believe in openness of government

Dear Editor, On February 26, I attended the morning session of the Nemaha County Commission meeting. During the Open Public Forum, I used the five minutes allotted to any one…

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Letter to the Editor: One hundred sixty-two residents are eligible for Medicaid

Dear Editor, One hundred and sixty two – the number of Nemaha County uninsured residents who would become eligible for Medicaid with expansion. Forty-nine new jobs would be created in…

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Letter to the Editor: Time to spiff up the neighborhood

Dear Editor, It’s spring! After a long winter, it’s time to get outside and get those yards, decks, driveways, and houses cleaned up and looking good. Home cleanup projects like…

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Our communities support each other

Dear Editor, I appreciate everyone who attended and participated in the meeting on Friday, March 22, held in the Bern Community Center. Patrons from all sides shared: 1. Northeast Kansas…

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Letter to the Editor: vote for our nation

Dear Editor, “Ask not for what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” As I pondered this quote by President John F….

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Two pieces of legislation working through the Kansas Legislature

Dear Editor, I’m writing today to bring awareness to two pieces of legislation working through the Kansas Legislature currently. Both HB2514 and SB387 look to revise the open enrollment provisions…

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We should be hand counting our election ballots

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago, Argentina held national elections. Somehow, they were able to hand count 30 million ballots by midnight, over the course of three to four hours….

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Reflecting on past student, Jessica Heinen

Dear Editor, As a retired secondary educator of USD #442, I have followed my students over the years as they have succeeded at various goals, had health challenges, or have…

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Extending my congratulations

Dear Editor, I would like to extend my congratulations to those candidates that were elected by the voters in the November 7th elections. USD 113 has two new board members…

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The generosity of giving

Dear Editor, I often wonder what it would be like if I threw my phone away, if streaming services never even existed, if I didn’t have access to everything at…

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 This is an important election

Dear Editor, The school board election on November 7th is the most important in the history of our school district. That is not an exaggeration, and here’s why. A group…

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Exercise your voting privilege

Dear Editor, I would like to extend a call to duty to exercise your privilege to vote. The courthouse is open to vote early in the upcoming election on November…

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Be informed about Medicare plans

Dear Editor, We are being inundated with advertising for Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, from phone calls to mailings to TV commercials and even in the trusty AARP magazine. Being…

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