This is an important election

Dear Editor, The school board election on November 7th is the most important in the history of our school district. That is not an exaggeration, and here’s why. A group…

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Exercise your voting privilege

Dear Editor, I would like to extend a call to duty to exercise your privilege to vote. The courthouse is open to vote early in the upcoming election on November…

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Be informed about Medicare plans

Dear Editor, We are being inundated with advertising for Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, from phone calls to mailings to TV commercials and even in the trusty AARP magazine. Being…

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Addressing elimination of voting machines

Dear Editor, Let me address an objection to eliminating voting machines. It goes something like this: “Why do we need to eliminate machines in Kansas? It’s a red state that…

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 Letter to the Editor: Local School Board Candidates Survey Results

Recently, a survey of the school board candidates was sent out by the Brown, Jackson and Nemaha County Republican Committees to get the candidates opinion on vital issues facing the…

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Letter to the Editor: All life is precious

Dear Editor, In June of 2022, the overturn of the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision was made possible, in part, due to the advances in medical and biological…

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Letter: Five tips for creating a culture of caring in our high schools

Dear Editor, Participants in high school sports and performing arts are under tremendous pressure these days — from parents, teachers, coaches and peers. Their days are consumed with school, sports…

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Letter: Election machines

Dear Editor, On September 28-29, there was a Joint Special Committee on elections at the statehouse to hear concerns about the trustworthiness of election machines. Legislators heard disturbing testimony from…

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In response to Mr. Mosteller’s editorial from 9/20/23:

Dear Editor, The August 25th, 2023, Notice of General Election, published by the Nemaha County Clerk, Position #5 in USD 113 is as follows: November 7, 2023; School District #113;…

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There was a gap in the board’s narrative

Dear Editor, I enjoy creative writing as much as the next person, but the propaganda released by the USD 113 Board of Education on September 12, was anything but an…

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Letter to the Editor: From the USD 113 Board of Education

USD 113 PRAIRIE HILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT LETTER TO PRAIRIE HILLS USD 113 PATRONS, PARENTS, EMPLOYEES & STUDENTS Dear USD 113 Patrons, Parents, Employees, & Students, We hope that this fall…

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Kansas can do better

Dear Editor, The Kansas Legislative Coordinating Council intends to double legislators’ funding for newsletters in an attempt to keep voters aware of Statehouse actions without tapping into their campaign (PAC)…

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Letter: County Commission minutes by Dan Ronnebaum

Dear Editor, Minutes of the meeting with County Commissioners by Dan Ronnebaum July 17, 2023. QUOTE “I have been getting some disturbing reports from the commissioners’ meetings. The last report…

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Three Herald readers receive veteran benefits

Dear Editor, Craig Foster from the Kansas Commission on Veteran Affairs was in Hiawatha today and assisted nine veterans. I just wanted you to know that the first three veterans…

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 Will the County Commissioners seek opinions from all Nemaha County households on zoning?

Dear Editor, Will the Nemaha County Commissioners seek an opinion from all Nemaha County households regarding zoning, or from just a few? Ultimately, there are only two schools of thought…

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