Letter to the Editor: Clarifying our services provided

Dear Editor, On behalf of Nemaha County Community Health Services (NCCHS), our agency would like to provide clarification to the community regarding services our agency provides. As of Sept. 1,…

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Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 in Nemaha County

Dear Editor, On behalf of the county health office, we are submitting a letter to the editor with some current COVID statistics of our county, as well as some information…

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Letter to the Editor: Comedy news

Dear Editor, When turning your T.V. on to watch the news you start wondering what country this news is coming from. “Surely not the U.S.A.,” you swear, “I must be…

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Letter: Register to vote in the General Election

Dear Editor, On Nov. 2, a general election in Nemaha County will occur for city councils, boards of education members, as well as special issues such as a school bond…

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Letter: Love your neighbor

Dear Editor, Two thousand people a day, the majority unvaccinated, are dying from the COVID-19 virus. The virus has no political party affiliation, nor does it care the age of…

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Letter: Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment

Dear Editor, In recent weeks, The Herald has contained pro and con letters concerning the COVID-19 virus. Our medical professionals have recommended anti-virus vaccines and masks. A Sabetha resident touted…

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Letter: Some Brown County residents may soon be without Meals on Wheels!

Dear Editor, Northeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging (NEKAAA) is asking for support from Brown County to continue the Meals on Wheels Program and reasons why! NEKAAA Meals on Wheels…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader appreciates everyone involved with Albany Days

Dear Editor, I appreciate the Albany Board and everyone involved for all of the hard work and long hours spent preparing for Albany Days 2021. From the amazing history pageant,…

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Letter: Why many aren’t getting vaccinated

Dear Editor, Rational reasons many aren’t getting vaccinated: 1) Moral opposition to vaccines that have any connection whatsoever to aborted fetal tissue in any stage of development/testing. That eliminates Pfizer,…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to local doctors’ letter

Dear Editor, Ivermectin (antiparasitic) – It’s not just “horse de wormer.” You’re being disingenuous at best. Four billion doses for humans, 200 million people alone for river blindness. Recognized by…

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Letter to the Editor: Severe storm this past Friday

Dear Editor, Many of us were out during the storm that hit Brown County on Friday. Most of the county sustained damage due to the high winds, hail and torrential…

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Letter to the Editor: Headstone flower arrangement stolen

Dear Editor, On Sunday, June 6, when I was at the cemetery I was very disheartened to discover that the saddle flower arrangement I had made to put on the…

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Honoring our fallen

Dear Editor, It is always very heartwarming to see all the American Flags flying in our local cemeteries, thanks to the work of many volunteers who place the flags on…

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Letter: Post Master discusses customer mail receptacles

Dear Editor, Use for Mail Mail receptacles may be used only for matter bearing proper postage. No part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not…

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Letter: Political divisiveness is happening locally

Dear Editor, I was very troubled by the tone of recent editorials in the local papers that focus on blaming “the Left” for a list of flagrant behaviors. The author…

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