Letter to the Editor: Sabetha invests in the future

Dear Editor, Scholarship weekend, prom weekend, after prom party… these are the things among many others our community provides for the students of USD #113. We are ending our “school”…

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Apologize for omissions

Dear Editor, Kansas House Representative Randy Garber, Sabetha, former Ohio teacher Douglas Frank, and the Nemaha County Commissioners, Gary Scoby, Jason Koch, and Dylan Keim, owe Nemaha County Clerk Mary…

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Letter to the Editor: Ask Senator, Representative to support ‘Axe the Food Tax’

Dear Editor, Since her election, Governor Laura Kelly has created/retained 41,000 jobs, provided $8.6 billion in business investments to Kansas, started 425 transportation projects, procured 600 plus new economic development…

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Letter to the Editor: Former Sabetha resident publishes book

Dear Editor, Some in the Sabetha area will remember Carroll and Betty Eichelberger and their children Terri and Bruce. Carroll and Betty lived and worked in Sabetha, and Terri and…

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Ban abortion, don’t regulate it

Dear Editor, Here is what the Value Them Both Amendment says: “§ 22. Regulation of abortion. Because Kansans value both women and children, the constitution of the state of Kansas…

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Topeka resident wants representatives, senator to vote ‘no’ on HB 2662

Dear Editor, The Topeka Capital Journal February 26, 2022 issue’s front page had an article about Sabetha students asking “does Kansas have a state fruit?” This was such a “teachable…

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Bus driver shares memories

Dear Editor, I was a bus driver for several years beginning in 1974. I had the Kindergarten Morrill area route and the Berwick a.m. and p.m. routes. During those years,…

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Letter: Reader appreciates work done to preserve Sabetha’s history

Dear Editor I’m always interested in the good news coming from my hometown of Sabetha. My family moved to the west coast when I was very young, around 1948, but…

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Why pro-lifers should reject Value Them Both

Dear Editor, Why pro-lifers should reject Value Them Both (VTB) and insist instead on an amendment this session to abolish abortion entirely:  1. VTB won’t fix a rogue Supreme Court…

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Letter to the editor: Pray for Pastor Tramp

Dear Editor, What has happened to love thy neighbor and the Good Samaritan? Something has gone very wrong! Sabetha, just like any community, has people in need. The faith community…

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Letter to the editor: Reader appreciates digital archives 

Dear Editor, After doing the research for the Albany Museum Historical 2021 play, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the work that Sabetha Herald newspaper’s prior editors did in preserving history,…

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Letter to the Editor: I was just wondering

Dear Editor, I’m a inquisitive person and I ask questions, especially when things don’t make sense. Why has such an out-of-control climate of fear been created over a virus that…

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Letter to the Editor: Crisis at the border

Dear Editor, One year into the Biden presidency, Americans find themselves under siege on several fronts. The COVID virus, which he vowed to crush, has infected more in the past…

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Letter to the Editor: Pray for Sabetha

Dear Editor, Recently, I called the City Police Dispatcher to report what I considered child abuse. My wife and I had gone to the Country Mart. While Kathie went into…

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Letter: Political divisiveness is happening locally

Dear Editor, I was very troubled by the tone of recent editorials in the local papers that focus on blaming “the Left” for a list of flagrant behaviors. The author…

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