Dividing daylilies

Daylilies need to be divided every three to four years to maintain good flower production. Though they may be divided in early spring before growth starts, it is more common…

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Mooney and Nichols families express their thanks

Someone once told me that life comes with pain, anyone who tells you differently is selling something. This has proven true. This community is no stranger to pain and tragedy….

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Duane Thompson says thanks

Thank you to all my postal patrons, friends and family for all the cards, gifts and well wishes on my retirement. Since not even a congrats was given from the…

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You drink. You drive. You lose.

Kansas drivers are advised that during the period of Aug. 20 through Labor Day, Sept. 6, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office will join other local and state law enforcement agencies…

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A stacked deck

One of the simplest investments you can make is buying a fund that tracks the performance of the U.S. stock market. By doing so, you ensure your investment return matches…

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Water requirements

I really hoped I’d get through the growing season without monitoring for soil moisture deficiencies. Unfortunately, it’s summer in Kansas and that isn’t possible. Both Kansas Mesonet soil moisture monitoring…

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Cleaning summer gear

Summer is a time when everyone wants to kick back and relax. Here are some tips from the American Cleaning Institute to help you keep suits and summer stuff clean…

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Foods champions announced

It has become an annual event where, after the fair, I share with you the recipes of our Overall Grand and Reserve Champion food exhibits. This year is no exception;…

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Pear harvest, harvesting winter squash

Pears should not be allowed to ripen on the tree. They should be picked while still firm and ripened after harvest. Tree-ripened fruits are often of poor quality because of…

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Cultivating patience

I remember some of the first lessons I had on patience. The subject of patience seemed to involve sitting still and being quiet. This was true in school, at the…

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Freezing food safely

Most fresh garden produce can be easily frozen to be enjoyed later. Freezing food is an easy, inexpensive method to preserve food. It takes minimal investment in equipment and time….

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Fall crops tour

It’s almost August and time for the annual Meadowlark Extension District Fall Plot Tour. This year, instead of a look at area plots, we’ll meet at 4:15 p.m. on Thursday…

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COVID-related information

Although untrue, a myth about ostriches is that they bury their heads in the sand when danger is near. COVID-fatigue can lull us into the head-in-the-sand wishful thinking that this…

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Finding our rest in Jesus

Vacation season is in full swing. Many families that I know are squeezing in a vacation before school starts again and life gets filled back up with sports and obligations….

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Family of Eugene Marti says thank you

Thank you! We are very thankful and sincerely appreciate everyone’s kindness, food, prayers, flowers and cards sent our way during the illness and passing of our loved one. God bless…

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