Letter: Political divisiveness is happening locally

Dear Editor, I was very troubled by the tone of recent editorials in the local papers that focus on blaming “the Left” for a list of flagrant behaviors. The author…

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Wild Times: Come on in, the water is fine!

Last Saturday, Oct. 27, marked the opening day of the 2018 waterfowl season. I should probably clarify that with a little more detail. The duck portion of the waterfowl season…

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Letter: Free transportation to and from voting locations

Dear Editor, As election day approaches we are reminded that the most basic of our citizenship privileges is the right to vote. Interest in this year’s election seems to be…

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Letter: DCF should reconsider decision

Dear Editor, For three years a family in your community fostered a child and endured the turmoil that comes with the process of adoption. The State approved this family to…

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We teach kids

A friend of mine is a former math teacher. I often tease him about some of the characteristics that are considered to be stereotypical of math teachers. He is able to…

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Musk thistle control

With many other invasive species, the focus of our summer weed control program (sericea lespedeza comes to mind), we sometimes forget about how bad musk thistle can be for our…

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Keep holiday meals safe!

Whether it is a simple meal for two, or a large gathering with a buffet, food safety is a priority at any meal, and especially at the holidays. Nobody wants…

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Minister Speaks: Encourage one another

In the New Testament, the word encourage is used 105 times. Samples of those verses… Hebrews 3:13 says, “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today,…

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SHS Band and Choir says thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported the Sabetha High School Music Mattress Fundraiser on September 29th! We sold 82 mattresses and raised over $14,000 for…

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Ramona and Leona say thanks

Thanks to family and friends and the 5th grade class at the elementary school for making our 90th birthday so memorable with all of the cards and well wishes. Ramona…

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Letter to the Editor: Political signs stolen in Seneca

Dear Editor, On Saturday evening, numerous yard signs were removed from private properties in Seneca. This action is wrong in several ways: trespassing, stealing, disregarding or denying an individual’s freedom…

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Wild Times: How many is enough?

It was an amazing feat of nature that unfolded right before my eyes. It was one of those scenes that you wish you had a video camera in your hands…

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Cooking dry beans safely

Tis the season for soups and you might consider using a crock pot for this purpose. Another popular soup ingredient is beans. Slow cookers are convenient for cooking a variety…

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Broadleaf weed control

Dandelions. One of the tell-tale signs in the lawn that spring has arrived. Problem is: it’s an unwanted sign. Since we don’t like dandelions, it’s common practice to run out…

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Remember ‘COWS’

It’s that time of year for annual migration of cattle from summer pastures, back to the farm or ranch or into winter pastures.  Hauling cattle safely is a part of…

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