A different kind of life

“You are witnesses of these things…” (Luke 24:48). After His resurrection from the dead, Jesus calls His disciples (and us) to be witnesses of His life, death, and resurrection and…

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The any-every gap

This country of ours is amazing. We too often take it for granted. If you could choose one place in the world to be born, you would be crazy to…

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Committed to care — an update from Sabetha Community Hospital

The Second Annual Community Health Fair was a success! Hopefully if you attended, you gained some valuable information and if you couldn’t attend you will be able to join us…

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Foods that boost brain power

As we get older, we may notice that our memory is not as sharp as it used to be. We may start to attribute this to something scary like Alzheimer’s…

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Safe livestock handling

My Great Grandmother used to say “even a deadheaded old work plug can try to kill you on the wrong day.” Most producers today aren’t working with that tried and…

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Patience needed to eliminate henbit, chickweed from lawns

If homeowners hoping for a lush green lawn are now starting to see little purple or white flowers in their yard, there’s bad news: there’s not a whole lot you…

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Spring lawn fertilization

As our lawns turn green and start growing, many people wonder when to fertilize their turf grass and what fertilizer to use. Properly timed fertilizers can go a long way…

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Using plant life cycle to our advantage

There’s a chart at the front end of the weed and brush control section of the 2024 KSU Chemical Weed Control Guide that provides an overview of various mechanical and…

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