Aging and muscle loss, yikes!

As we get older, even as early as our 30s, we lose muscle mass. Muscle loss really starts to accelerate in our 50s, and by the time people are aged…

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Introduction and meat yield in carcasses

Submitted by Ross Mosteller Although not a new face to Meadowlark Extension District, but I am new to the Livestock and Natural Resources position. This is my first news column…

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Fungicide applications in corn

A tour of Meadowlark Extension District fields last week suggested consistent presence of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) in scouted fields at very low levels. That’s a good sign – but…

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Coping with stress

While aging is often accompanied by stressful life changes, studies show that most older adults feel happy about their lives. Some things you can do to help manage stress are…

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How to handle an old 401(k)

If you are like many Americans, you probably have money parked in an old 401(k) plan. Perhaps you changed jobs and your 401(k) was left behind, or maybe your employer…

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The scene of The Last Supper

Do any of you remember when you had a cardboard paper fan on a flat stick to use in church in the summer because there was no air conditioning? I…

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Need help with Medicare? The SHICK program can help

Submitted by Teresa Hatfield Medicare can be difficult and confusing to understand, but it is often hard to know who to turn to for unbiased information. The SHICK program can…

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Hornworms on tomatoes

Hornworms are the largest larval insect commonly seen in the garden. Though usually seen on tomato, they can also attack eggplant, pepper and potato. The larval stage of this insect…

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