Letter: Talk about election year tactics!

Dear Editor, Recently AG Schmidt criticized Governor Kelly that her proposal of a $250 rebate for all 2022 voters “was clearly an election year tactic.” How ironic that Schmidt suggests…

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Letter to the Editor: A Challenge to Local Churches

Dear Editor, Most churches in the surrounding area have had the blessing each spring and summer of holding church services in the former Rock Creek Church of the Brethren which…

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Letter: Postage stamp scam

Dear Editor,  Several customers have come in to the Sabetha Post Office in the last two weeks to inquire about purchasing first class postage stamps that are on sale. This…

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Letter to the Editor: Consider helping out your neighbors this year

Dear Editor, I bet most of you are thinking a lot more about your home these days. When temperatures turn chilly, days grow short and nights long we seek out…

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Letter to the Editor: Take this true or false quiz

Friends, Exercise in logic. Please take the following True/False quiz: Circle T (true) or F (false) I believe in the admonition of Jesus “Love your neighbor as yourself.” T F…

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Letter to the Editor: To the community of Sabetha

Dear Editor, To the community of Sabetha, I appreciate you allowing me to take part in your healthcare. I apologize if my departure came as a surprise, but the Lord…

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Letter to the Editor: Sunshine and its benefits

Dear Editor, The Nemaha County Health Office would like to shine light on the sun and its array of benefits for our bodies. The value of sunshine has been known…

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Letter to the Editor: Clarifying our services provided

Dear Editor, On behalf of Nemaha County Community Health Services (NCCHS), our agency would like to provide clarification to the community regarding services our agency provides. As of Sept. 1,…

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Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 in Nemaha County

Dear Editor, On behalf of the county health office, we are submitting a letter to the editor with some current COVID statistics of our county, as well as some information…

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Letter to the Editor: Comedy news

Dear Editor, When turning your T.V. on to watch the news you start wondering what country this news is coming from. “Surely not the U.S.A.,” you swear, “I must be…

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Letter: Register to vote in the General Election

Dear Editor, On Nov. 2, a general election in Nemaha County will occur for city councils, boards of education members, as well as special issues such as a school bond…

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Letter: Love your neighbor

Dear Editor, Two thousand people a day, the majority unvaccinated, are dying from the COVID-19 virus. The virus has no political party affiliation, nor does it care the age of…

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